Potentially asked questions?
I don't get a lot of questions for it to be frequent, however, I'm listing down all the questions that may potentially show up.

Who actually wrote Anfänge?
DJKid and Dormy are the original creators of Gentlemen's 9th, alongside the characters of Will, Ruth and Kelly, respectively. DJ hosted the story/premise on an RP board we were on and I joined in because it seemed fun. The storyline for Anfänge, the twins and the rest of the Schweitzer family, however, were created by me.

Why is the story told in flashbacks? Why not have Delilah open up to someone about her past?
First off, because Delilah isn't a social person and has very little friends. Secondly, if it hasn't been made obvious, then I'll just say it right here; her hallucinations are her flashbacks. She zones out and her past prior to Gentlemen's 9th will be playing right before her eyes.

Is Emil and Will gay?
Emil is bisexual and does not have a set preference. Will is gay. However, this is NOT a BL story and the sexuality of the characters have little to nothing to do with the story.

Why the random bits of German thrown in the dialogue?
Because, if it really hasn't been stated already, the majority of the characters in this story are German. And unsurprisingly, German people speak German. I added them to the dialogue so that it would remind readers about who and where the characters are. Readers should be able to understand the storyline without even needing to know the language, however, it's just a little bit of language fun for those who do :>

Where is Gentlemen's 9th located?
Gentlemen's 9th is located in New England, probably Conneticut, in the United States. The flashbacks the twins go through are set in Berlin, Germany.

Are you German?
No, I'm not. I just like to learn about different cultures and languages. If you have to know, I'm Malaysian.

Is the comic really done traditionally?
Yes! The only digital help I've used are level adjustments, lettering and cleaning up smudges and boo-boos off the page.

How did you make those hand-drawn screentones?
With a rolling ruler, a 01.mm pen and lots of patience.

How did you get such crisp white lines on the black areas?
With a white gel pen. Most good art shops carry them and they can usually be found in online art supply shops. A quick Google search could probably lead you to some helpful places, but it doesn't hurt to ask your local art supply shop if they carry any.

Can we be afflilates?
Sure! Just PM me with your banner link (make sure it's hosted OFF of Smackjeeves) and your comic URL :>

Can I draw you fanart?
IDK bro, is the sky blue? OF COURSE YOU CAN! ♥

The question I want answered isn't here :<
Have no fear! Drop me a friendly PM or feel free to ask anything on the comments section of the comic pages :> Additionally, you can ask me on my brand new FORMSPRING page about anything you'd like :>

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